At your usual restaurant, the term “catch of the day” are usually reserved for restuarant’s Special menu and aren’t available everyday, but not at Ah Hua Kelong. Majority of the seafood we serve here are Catches of the day. We are able to do it is because our sea based Fish farm houses our staple seafood and it gets delivered to our own restuaurant everyday.


Ah Hua Kelong @ Seragoon Serves 2 different menus for Lunch and Dinner.


For Lunch, we are focusing more on Westen Brunch Menu such as Chilli Crab Pasta, Crispy Fish&Chips and European Style Lemon Butter Green Lip Mussels. Prices range around $18 – $22/Dish and becasuse each dishes are big Sharing Portion, so we generally reccomend you to order only 1 main for 2 person.

2018-01-13 14.27.39

Ah Hua Kelong Fish and Chips Whole. Using Fresh Saltwater seabass farmed at Ah Hua Kelong.


2018-06-06 14.43.12

Fish and Chips with Fresh Salt water seabass farmed at Ah Hua Kelong

2018-04-25 14.29.14
XL Cockles Laksa. Using XL Cockles found is mangrove areas of Singapore
2018-06-05 19.56.01

XL CLams Salad found in mangroves areas of Singapore
2018-08-07 13.57.09
Chilli Crab Pasata
2018-04-11 13.06.30
Fish and Chips

For dinner, we are serving chinese style seafood dishes such as Catch of the day Live Steam Cantonese Seabass for just $22.80, Live Handpicked StirFried Mussels for under $20, Delicious LALA and Flower Crab bee hoon with soup for $28.80. Also not forgetting our Signature Steam Seafood Box with 7 different types of catch of the day seafood steamed and served on the table, somewhat like cajun style seafood bags, the difference is we do not contaminate our seafood with sauces so you can taste the freshness.

Steamed Seafood. Made with 6 different locally harvested seafood from Singapore. The Seafood box has been our signataure for almost 5 years. Good for gathering and sharing.
2018-07-17 16.48.32
Steamed Prwans

2018-01-18 19.02.15

Homemade Tofu


Ah Hua Kelong @ Serangoon
Address: 15-9 Jalan Riang serangoon park

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Closed on Mondays

Every other day: 12pm-3pm, 5pm-10pm


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