Golden Pomfret aka Pompano 650g

The Golden Pomfret aka Pompano Common in most households, these … Continued

Pearl Grouper (Best Seller)

Each fish take about 1 and half years to reach the size of 500g. They are one of the slowest growing fishes but you can be assured they taste one of the best. Each fish weighs about 700g before descale and degut. After desclale and degut, they weighs at 450-600g.

Barramundi Singapore aka Seabass (Kid’s Choice)

Size: Gross weight

For Example:
Gross Weight Fish: 600g each (before Descale and Degut)
Net weight per Fish : 450g each (After Descale and Degut)
Meat is soft and creamy. Try using Superior soya sauces, the meat easily absorbs the moisture and aroma of your sauce.

Need Recipe? Try this
Ahhuakelong’s official recipe passed down from chefs and simplified by us: .