Barramundi Singapore aka Seabass (Kid’s Choice)


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Barramundi Singapore aka. Seabass Singapore

Barramundi singapore is the most sort after food-fish in Singapore. Locals Calls it Asian seabass or Jin Mu Ru. Ah Hua Kelong is known to farm the nicest and tastiest Barramundi in singapore and can be found in some parts of Hong Kong. This is not by Chance, we followed strictly to 2 simple core vales; Clean environment and High Quality Feeds. We treat our seafood like our babies. Each barramundi is farmed since their are only 2 to 3 inches. It takes us another 1 year to farm them to marketable sizes. Barramundi nets are cleaned weekly, Barramundi are fed with high quality feeds such as ikan billis and bait fishes.


Barramundi is suitable for children right up to adult, why? Not only does our seabass has high in Omega, they have soft and tender meat because they are so fresh. We will only harvest our barramundi in the morning of delivery and it gets delivered to your doorstep by sunset. We use NO preservatives, NO additives, NO preservative treatment, NO freezing. What you see is what you get.


Are you cooking for children? If the answer is yes, you may want to try this seabass. Fish bones are big and visible, making them easy to remove for your children.  Meat texture is soft and silky and Gentle on the stomach. Great for home cooked meal.

Seabass is not easy to farm it. But with our right technique, it taste so good you don’t need overpowering complimentary ingredients.

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Size: Gross weight

For Example:
Gross Weight Fish: 600g each (before Descale and Degut)
Net weight per Fish : 450g each (After Descale and Degut)
Meat is soft and creamy. Try using Superior soya sauces, the meat easily absorbs the moisture and aroma of your sauce.

Need Recipe? Try this
Ahhuakelong’s official recipe passed down from chefs and simplified by us: .