Black Grouper (Best Seller)


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Black Grouper Fish Size Calculation: Gross weight

For Example:
Gross Weight Fish: 650g each (before Descale and Degut)
Net weight per Fish : 420g each (After Descale and Degut)

Black Grouper is one of the most difficult fish to farm. Any wrong technique used will spoil the taste and texture of the pearl grouper. We use fresh and live fishes to feed our Black grouper thus they grow up to have soft and oily meat. Our Black Grouper can be commonly found in Chinese Wedding Restaurants.

Most importantly, Black Grouper fish have all 7 indicators of Freshness because we harvest make our delivery to your home within 12 hours.

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500g, 650g, 800g, 900g, 1KG, 1.1KG


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Each fish take about 1 and half years to reach the size of 500g. They are one of the slowest growing fishes but you can be assured they taste one of the best. Each fish weighs about 700g before descale and degut. After desclale and degut, they weighs at 450-600g.