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Live Mussels Singapore 1KG


Product Description

Live Mussels Singapore

Harvested and delivered within 24 hours. 1KG = 15 Pieces. Do you know why Live mussels are not readily available? The Reason is because they are highly sensitive to environmental changes and they die rather quickly. But because we do it differently, we are able to keep them alive. Live Mussels are harvested in the Morning and delivered by Sunset. Our delivery vans are equipped with special equipments to keep items fresh and live. We farm, harvest and we deliver our own seafood.

Mussels contains lower cholesterol compared to other shellfish and are high in Protein. Live Mussels tend to be plump and juicy compared to the one that is dead. It makes very good dishes for both home cooked and restaurants dishes.

Live Mussels Harvesting.


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