1: Seafood Supplier Singapore

Are you looking for a long term seafood supplier in singapore, bulk purchase, Export or buying for business use? This page is dedicated to you.

For B2B, We are currently doing Export, sales to restaurants, Hotels, Bistro, Cafe, Coffee shop and market stalls. High quality seafood. No chemical. Competitive price. Extremely fresh and tasty.

Seabass / Barramundi singapore
Pearl Grouper/ Hybrid Grouper
Moon Snails
XL Clams
Gong Gong
Hua La (singapore clam)
Flower Crabs
Many More! Let us know what seafood you need and we try to harvest them for you!

The above items are either farmed or wild, harvested from singapore waters.


2: Marketing For Your Eatery

Have you always want more people to know your restaurant? Let us Endorse you though online and offline marketing.

Call or Email us to find out more!


Email: Bryan@ahhuakelong.com

We are team of highly dedicated individuals who farm our own fish, process our own fish and make sure they reach your Kitchen in best controlled condition. Timely delivery and high quality seafood to your restaurant.

With well maintained supply of seafood, we are confident we will be able to supply to your needs at competitive prices.

Ah Hua Kelong strongly emphasize on the feed s that are fed to the fishes will reflect on the taste, thus, we only feed our fishes with high quality feeds.

Freshness is our secret to delicious fish. All fishes are harvested and delivered within 6 hours to restaurants.