You may be pondering about these questions when you saw (OUT OF STOCK): ” Why out of stock again” or ” when will this stock be back?” .

With all due respect, our reply would be “We’re very sorry but we do not know nor can we control”.

Catch of the Day seafood items such as ikan billis, seglar fish, batu fish, lala, dua tao and flower crabs are all gifts from mother nature in exchange for our handwork finding and harvesting them. Although our livelihood depends highly on mother nature, when Mother nature say “no”, then we can’t provide fresh wild caught ingredients on the day. Sometime it can be caused by bad weather, seasons and luck.

That’s the problem with almost any fresh ingredients. We can’t plan when to have fresh ingredients instead mother nature plans when we will have fresh ingredients.

These items are sold very fresh, we harvest and sell them within the next 48 hours. We don’t keep stock. Do Keep yourself updated by checking on our website for those items when its available.