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Dear Writer for this SMS. We understand your kind intentions to warn your friends because you care for them. But do you know your information is incorrect and what is worst? this wrongful sms is spreading like wild fire.

To say that local fishes contain “ciguatera poison” during plankton bloom is as good as saying a person contracted eblola if he sneezes or has contracted dengue fever when he fall sick.

The fish we are farming has been TESTED and the water has been TESTED (now almost daily) and results show that nothing is to be afraid of in terms of consumption.

We are eating our fishes for lunch and we feed our kids with it.
AVA, channel 8 and one of the Top marine biologist explains: Fish that DIED from plankton bloom are NOT to be consumed however, fishes that is alive and display healthy sign can be consumed as long as they are cooked properly.

So how to avoid buying fishes ? Smell for rotten smell and avoid buying fishes that have very cloudy eyes.

How can you buy fishes that are healthy and safe to eat? please look out for 7 indicators of freshness or you may order from us smile emoticon

Dear writer, if you think we have wronged you, please call us @ 86553074 . You may have kind intention of warning your friends but please be sure you seek advise from a few reliable sources before spreading wrongful information as such which breaks our rice bowl for no reasons.


hoax 1



Your “ciguater poison” in singapore only originate from fishes that are overseas. Article is from NUS.


ciguatera poisoning


Channel 8 news and Marine Biologist explains.


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