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No home cook or even chef can recreate FRESHNESS better than fresh seafood itself. When you receive our seafood, you can be assured that it has been harvested 6hrs the same day prior to delivery.
We deliver to hotels, restaurants, eateries, and homes on a daily basis.

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Additional $5/Location on Holidays

Free Delivery above $60

Storage Information

Fishes can be stored in the chiller for 3 days, for storage above 3 days use the freezer.

Live shells can be kept alive for up to 1 day outside.

All clams / mussels can be kept in the fridge overnight, put
clams in a bowl, and cover with damp cloth.

If cooking immediately, put mussels in ice water upon receiving them, to knock them out for easy removal of their beard. (Mussel’s Life Line)

If not cooking immediately, store mussels in chiller to ease process of debearding them after.



Looking for a seafood supplier for your business?

We Supply Locally Farmed seafood from Hawkers to Michelin Starred restaurant to Hotels. Our seafood are Catch of the day, everyday.