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Sweet Ikan Billis Chilli

Sweet Nasi Lemak Chilli paste with Ah hua kelong’s ikan billis
(recipe source from by Sonia aka Nasi Lemak Lover, modified by Ah hua kelong)

100g dried chilies
100g fresh red chilies
10g Chilli padi
250g shallots
1 big onion
10g ginger
15g galangal (blue ginger)
30g garlic
15g belacan (shrimp paste)
1 cup of cooking oil
40g tamarind pulp , add 1/4cup water to become assam water, discard the seeds
100g sugar
1teaspoon salt

200g fried Ah hua kelong’s ikan billis

1. Use a scissor to discard dried chili’s head and cut into 2-3pcs and boil in hot water for 5mins. Drain and discard the chili seeds if you want less spicy.
2. Toast belacan in a frying pan, chopping and break it up till powdery and aromatic.
3. Blend dried chili, fresh chili, shallots, big onion, ginger, galangal and toasted belacan with 1/4cup of water till smooth paste.
4. Pour chili paste into a big wok, stir fry for 5-10mins over medium low heat until slightly dried paste (By not adding oil at this time as to avoid oil spill)
5. Now add in cooking oil, continue stirring (tumis) over low heat for 30-40mins. The chili paste will turn darker, light and oil separated after long stirring.
6. Add in assam water, salt and sugar, continue stirring (tumis) for 5-10mins.
7. Finish by adding fried ikan billis.
8. Leave to cool before storing in the fridge or freeze in small containers for later use.


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