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What are the Stories
we had Covered?

  • Farming Tecnhique
  • Home Delivery
  • History of the farm
  • Local Seafood

What Stories Has not yet covered which we think can generate interest?

  • Crab Fattening (We are trying out new technique to fatten the crabs)
  • Seafood Holding
  • Traditional Farming Technique
  • Fish Fry Stages of Growth (Subjected to Availability)
  • Mussels Harvesting
  • So so much more… if you have new ideas or wish to speak to someone, give us a call at 98300117.

Our Farm

We have 2 farms; one is at Sembawang and another at changi. Sembawang farm is a Hybrid Kelong and floating farm. Changi is a floating farm only.
The difference between kelong and floating farm is its structural foundation. The Kelong is kept afloat by stilts made of long wooden log pile down to the seabed. The floating farm rely on air tight barrels to keep the farm afloat. we also need to anchors down our farm with ropes and heavy objects so our farm don’t float away.

Descriptions of the farm

  • Changi Farm act more like Holding ground for the Stock since its near the Jetty while Sembawang is more commercially farming.
  • Activity: haul net raised to catch small fish (to be confirmed as we need to see the tide)
  • Activity: workers feeding fish
  • Activity: workers cooking.
  • Sea cage farming technique

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