Marinated Teriyaki Seabass Fillet

Enjoy a freshly marinated Seabass Fillet¬†Farmed by Ah Hua Kelong … Continued

Cantonese Steam Seabass Fillet

Cantonese Steam Seabass Fillet
-Steam fish fillet for approx 7-8 min (add a dash of oil on the base plate to prevent sticking)
-Heat up sauce separately
-Once both done, pour sauce onto fish and finish with coriander as garnish(edible)

Ready To Bake Crusted Juicy Seabass

Salt Bake Seabass
-Preheat oven to 180-200 degrees
-Prepare baking paper
-Lay 1/3 of salt marinate as base
-Place fish above
-Pour rest of salt marinate covering the whole fish
-Place into oven for 30-45 min (indication will be the crust turning light to dark brown)