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AHK”s Hotpot Set (Good for 3-4pax)

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Celebrate the Lunar New Year in true indulgence with AHK ‘s Abundant Hotpot Set, a specially curated Chinese New Year Seafood Hotpot Set, featuring our exclusive Homemade Fish Soup Base!
Immerse yourself in a sea of flavours with this luxurious assortment of fresh seafood, thoughtfully selected to bring prosperity, joy, and good fortune to your festive gathering.

What’s Included:
2x Seabass fillet ( sliced 150g )
500g Green Lip Mussels
500g Tiger prawns
500g Lala
1 packet Sandfish Sea Cucumber
1x Thai sauce
2L AHK’s Fish Soup base
1x AHK’s Thai sauce


We highly recommend adding a dash of hua diao wine to elevate the flavours of your hotpot!