Co-Share a corner shop.


15-9 Jalan Riang S358987


Shop Front, Parking in front of the shop

Kitchen Only rental
10pm-11am: $600/month for 30hours
Rental of Kichen for central Kitchen use, Production or Food Delivery.
Excludes Electricity and Water

Kitchen and Sitting Area rental
Have your own Party, Gathering, Run a pop-up business.
Eg: Party Night, Breakfast, Event Space, D&D, Filming
10pm-11am: $50/hour (minimum 4 hours)
10pm-11am: $1200/month for 30 hours
Excludes Electricity and Water
Alcohol License untill 12 midnight, additonal hour $25/hour.
Rental of Chefs $25-35/hour*
Rental Of waiteress $15/hour*
Subjected to availbility*

Product Placement
eg: Homemade Cookie, Cakes, Biscuits, Broche, tangibles items $100/month per item. 25% commission for items sold.
Display your Items and we sell for you
Excludes Electricity and Water

Manpower Rental
Rental of Chefs $25/Hours
Rental Of waiteress $15/hour

Breakfast Shop rental (47 Seater)
8am-11:30am Weekends Only $900/Month
8am -11:30pm Weekdays and Weekdays $1500/Month

For Rental of the whole shop, You will need to hire our cashier for $15/hour

2018-07-23 15.02.55




2018-07-23 15.03.13

Unox Oven

2018-07-23 15.03.18

5 Working Stoves and under counter oven

2018-07-23 15.03.21




2018-07-23 15.03.35

Fridges and Freezer


2018-07-23 15.03.39



2018-08-05 23.45.30

Seating Spaces Available for rental

2018-08-05 23.45.40


2018-08-06 08.54.29

47 seater restaurant avialable for rental


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