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Seafood Supplier Singapore

Seafood Supplier Singapore Fish farm singapore

Why Ah Hua Kelong?

We Supply Locally Farmed seafood from Hawkers to Michelin Starred restaurant to Hotels. Why are we so sort after by different class of eateries. That is because our seafood are Catch of the day, everyday. When we send the seafood to you, you can be assured that it left the sea the same day it was delivered to your eatery. Every Chefs knows the importance of Fresh Seafood, you can have the best sauce in the world but you can never recreate freshness.


Products from our Farms

1. Seabass | Barramundi
2. Golden Pomfret
3. Hybrid Grouper
4. Green Lip Mussels
5. Hua La
6. Flower Crabs
7. XL Clams



1. Prawns (Fresh/Frozen)
2. Squid (Fresh/Frozen)

Please Send Your enquires to OR Give us a call to 92999940.


Fresh Seafood Supplier in Singapore.





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