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Seafood Delivery ; Fish Delivery Singapore

harvested and delivered within the same day

One Fine day when we had family visiting the farm, they said: “I love your fishes but i can only enjoy your fish when i come up your kelong. You should arrange seafood delivery for smaller orders so all Singaporean can get to enjoy your seafood at a personal scale.”

Because of that short conversation, the Management of Ah Hua Kelong Has Decided To Extend seafood distribution channels for smaller orders such as residences. Viola! We are now conducting Seafood Delivery in Singapore as at 1st May 2014!  Free delivery if your orders is above $40. Order placed today can be delivered by the next day. Because we harvest and deliver your seafood, you can be sure you are receiving your seafood straight from the farm at your convenience.

This is a Bold Move Away From Our Comfort Zone By Dealing Directly With Seafood Supplier and Restaurants seafood delivery. We Sincerely felt that good things must be Shared even for small orders.

So the Big Question: What Makes our Fish so Special?
1st: Fishes Harvested at sunrise and delivered by sun set.
2nd: Quality Assurance from passing Strict Restaurant selection process.
3rd: Locally Farmed with high standards of hygiene and safety standards
4th: Friendly and knowledgeable seafood handlers.
5th: Know where your fish is from, when and where it was processed?

I was once told that we, Ah Hua Kelong, are a highly guarded secret. Successful restaurants regard their high quality at low priced Seafood suppliers as a prized asset to thier company, thus, they would not disclose their suppliers to just about anybody. No matter how well we farmed our fishes, everyone will taste it but no one will know where it came from!

Fresh Singapore Seafood Delivery, Singapore Fish Delivery for smaller order are now available at your fingertips.


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