No Home Cook or even chefs can recreate freshness than fresh seafood itself. When you receive the seafood, you can be assured that your seafood has been harvested from the sea the same day at the affordable price. We deliver seafood to hotels, resturants and other eateries, in between the deliveries, we slot in deliveries your home.

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Order Cut-off Timing

4PM the day before delivery.

Delivery Days 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Delivery Timing 


Delivery Fee 


Additional $5/Location on Holidays

Free Delivery 

Free Delivery above $60


Fish can store in Chiller for the next 3 Days, Freezer otherwise.

Live shells can keep in saltwater the same day of eating it.
LALA can be kept in the fridge overnight (1 night) by covering them over wet cloth, otherwise Par-boil them for 1 minute in salted water before chilling or freezing them.
The rest of the Live shells, Par boil them for in salted water for 1 minute before chilling or freezing them.

Seafood will be delivered in cupboard document box insulated with baking paper and plastic sheets.
harvested and delivered within the same day